Puppy Questionnaire

Australian Shepherds are a wonderful breed of dog and I want to make sure that I do all that I can to make sure your new puppy lives up to all of your expectations! Like people, each puppy is an individual with a unique personality! This questionnaire is a tool to help me select the most suitable puppy for you while allowing you to help clarify your thoughts about owning an Aussie. It also helps you see what sort of things I value in deciding to place one of my beloved puppies in its new home. I know it is lengthy, take your time and please put some thought into it. There are no right or wrong answers, please answer as honestly as possible. Thank-you and I look forward to your response!

Your Full Name:

Your Age:

Street Address:

Mailing Address if different:

Primary Phone Number/s:

Email Address/s:


How soon are you looking to get a puppy/dog?

Have you ever raised a puppy, Aussie or other, before?

Have you read many books or done research about Australian Shepherds or raising puppies? Which ones?

Would you like a list of books that I recommend on Aussies and raising puppies?

Would you consider an older puppy or an adult dog?

Would you consider a Rescue Aussie?

Have you contacted any other Aussie breeders? If so, who?

Are you on anyone else’s waiting list for a puppy? If so, who?


Do you own or rent your Home?

If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to own a large dog?

Please provide the name and contact information for your landlord:


Please give a brief description of the type of home that you live in and your property:

Do you have plans to move in the next 5 years?  Are you military? 

Please give a brief description of your fencing and if it completely encloses your yard:

If no fence is currently in existence, please tell me how you plan to handle your dogs’ potty duties and exercise time:

Are you aware that it could take up to a year to have a perfectly house trained puppy?

How do you plan on disciplining the pup if it is needed?

What are your preferred training methods?

Do you have a dog run or outdoor kennel, please describe size and conditions?

Please give me a brief description of your household: names, ages and relationship to you:

Who will have the primary responsibility of caring for the puppy?

Is anyone in the home opposed to getting a new puppy?

Are you aware of anyone in the family that has allergies, if so how do you plan to deal with this?

If you have children are you willing to teach your children how to handle a rambunctious puppy and supervise their interactions?

Are you and your family willing to take your new puppy to “Puppy Obedience” classes?

**I strongly recommend two classes before the age of 6-9 mos. 

Are you familiar with the “Puppy Rules of 12” (it’s on my website)? Are you willing to make an effort to complete as much of this list as possible with your new Aussie for your own future benefit?

What are your biggest concerns in getting a new Aussie puppy?

Are you willing to commit to this dog for its entire lifetime?

Aussies are a double coated breed that is known for shedding profusely, they need to be well brushed once a week and groomed on a regular basis. Are you aware of these requirements and willing to maintain this type of grooming regimen?


How many animals have you owned in the past 10 years?

Please list the names, breeds and any other pertinent info of each one:

If any of the above named animals are no longer with you, please explain their current existence:

Have you ever had to give an animal away and what were the circumstances of that situation? Where did the animal go; return to a breeder or turn it in to a shelter?

Do you spay and neuter your pets?

Have you ever bred your animals before, if so please tell me briefly about your experience?


List four characteristics that you value most in the Australian Shepherd:

Are you aware of the Australian Shepherds strong herding and guarding instincts, what is your plan for dealing with these behaviors?

What kinds of activities do you plan to do with you Aussie? Please highlight all of the activities that you plan to do with your Aussie: Pet/Companion, Agility, Breeding, Conformation, Frisbee, guard dog, Herding, Obedience, Rally, Search and Rescue, Tracking, Therapy… something else?

Are you serious about competing with your Aussie?

What are your preferred venues for competition?

What kind of daily/weekly exercise routine do you plan to have with your Aussie?

On average, how many hours will your Aussie be left alone during the day or the night?

What are your plans for housing your Aussie while you are away?

What are you plans for housing your Aussie at night-time?

Where will your puppy/dog be when you are home?


Please list any personal activities that you enjoy:

Do you plan to include your Aussie in these activities? Are you aware that Aussies have a STRONG desire to spend every minute with their families are you prepared for a "Velcro" dog? 

If travel plans took you away from home, what arrangements would you make for your dog?


Do you prefer a Male or a Female? Please let me know a bit about your preference or lack thereof:

I would prefer not to place puppies based on color alone, however I understand that everyone has a preference. If given a choice of color, which is your preference?

Would you consider a dog of a different color?

Please highlight the energy level (drive) that you would prefer in an Aussie: (High) (High to Moderate) (Moderate) (Moderate to low) (Low)

Please highlight your preferences in temperament: (Bold/Confidant) (Dominant) (Submissive) (Independent) (Dependent) (Playful) (Quiet) (Aggressive) (Reserved with Strangers) (Social with Strangers) (Outgoing) (Demanding/Pushy) (Something Else?)

Please take a moment to consider your four or five most important considerations in choosing your ideal Aussie Puppy and list them here (i.e.: coat color, eye color, sex, temperament…): 


All our pet/companion puppies are sold on AKC/ASCA limited registration and spay/neuter agreements. Do you have any concerns about this?

If you would like to keep your Aussie intact, would you consider a co-ownership?

Do you agree to license your dog and give it regular and possibly specialty veterinary care (OFA Hip x-rays before serious competition or breeding; annual eye checks, genetic tests, etc. as necessary) and vaccinations in accordance with your local laws? Is the cost of this kind of care going to be a financial strain?

Are you aware of some of the health problems that can occur in Australian Shepherds, such as genetic disorders, medication sensitivities and the like? Would any of these be a "deal breaker" for you? 


Do you have a regular veterinarian that you see? Please provide their name and contact information:

Do you agree that if any health problems should arise in your puppy to contact me immediately so that I can consult with your veterinarian or contact other people that the information may pertain to for the dogs entire lifetime?

Have you put any thought as to who would care for your dog should you become permanently or temporarily incapacitated?

Do you agree that if you can no longer keep the dog and need to find it a new home that you will contact me first?

As a part of my contract I am guaranteed the “First right of refusal”, on all my puppies, are you aware of this clause and can you tell me what it means?

Do you understand that breach of our contract may result in legal action?

Do you certify that all of the information that you have provided in this questionnaire is true and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief. Do you understand that falsifying answers on this questionnaire or at any other time during the application process will disqualify you from getting any animal from BWild?

If you understand the above statement, please type/sign your name and the date here:


Is there anything else that you feel I should know when considering you as a home for a BWild Aussie?

Please list at least two references along with their addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. that we may contact regarding your ownership of a puppy. People involved in the dog fancy are ideal.

Do you have any concerns about having a friend or person of my choosing come and do a home check?

Now that you made it to the end (Whew!  Great Job!) Are there any questions that you would like to ask me?

Please take up as much space as needed. : )


 ++ Please note: assuming I am not out of town when you send this to me, I should review it and get back to you within a few days. If you haven’t heard from me in this time frame, please email me again, as much as we all love technology, sometimes it does fail, so please try again!

** You will need to copy and paste this information into an email or Word document. **